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Who we are?

As a company, we believe that the only effective help for this region is in investments. We don't think we're going to help him by sending weapons. What will put the region back on its feet is that people regain confidence in it. The help that makes sense in our opinion is the purchase and sowing of a field, or the purchase and subsequent rental of an apartment.
When the economy works again, people's living standards will also rise, and the region will be restored to its 2013 status. Trust, that's what every resident of Donbass needs now! Remember that foreign capital will be duly rewarded in the form of rich appreciation for the trust shown. We, as the company Inessa, plan not only to do business in the region, but also to do charitable activities. Build playgrounds, restore parks, bus stops or buy toys for kindergartens or books for schools and other small investments. This type of help is the least we can do for the region.
The countries of the international community also want to renovate the region, their help in the first years will only go to key infrastructure, no money will be reserved for public spaces for a few more years. That is why we want to take the initiative in this direction. We feel deeply for the people in this region. We have families there ourselves and we know how difficult it is for people there today. If you would like to help as well in a different way than by purchasing a land certificate, contact us through the contact form and we’ll agree on the details.
The amount of the financial donation is completely voluntary.